Nicholas Nel's BONE 3 "Left For DEAD"

Originaly released 5th of may 2011.


- No Persons Under the age of 16, contains strong language, violence and some toilet samples. Other than this, if you are sensitive to any of these and are over the age of 16, you should also turn back now!

1. The History of Bone.

- Bone 1 is an interactive animation and takes place on a pavement, where the goal is to simply wait till you make enough money to buy a Scooter.

- Bone 2 You start the game on your scooter in the Zone, 2 drug dealers are going out of work because drugs have become unpopular, Also, The Big Nob from the Scooter company has sponsored your Scooter, Being torn between 2 possible career paths and with all the comotion, Bone is thrown in The Zone Institution.

- Bone 3 is the 3rd installment of the Bone (Bone in the Zone) Series THIS IS IT!. It is a Point and Click game, you start the game locked in a Padded Cell.

2. Game Features.

- Mouse interface, no keyboard at all!
- Basic Pathfinding.
- Full Render Baked Graphics.
- Generic Characters, Sets, speech and sound effects.
- Full Sound.
- 1 hour playing time Guaranteed with Complete Walkthrough.
- 9 Save game Slots.
- +- 236 MB Game Size
- Fully Expandable "Point and Click" Core (Not available to public)

3. Minimum Requirements.

- Dual Core 1.6 ghz, 512 MB GFX with GLSL support.
- Windows or Linux.
- 170 MB Drive space Excluding Installer File.

4. Made In 5 Months.

- This Product was made by Nicholas Nel and refined over 5 months

5. Padded Cell Introductory Walkthrough.

- There is a sign saying click here, don't click if you are sensative to Gore.
-Click Hand on Button.

- 1. Use hand on blown Bulb.
- 2. Use hand on Bulb on floor.
- 3. Use hand on Details box on door.
- 4. Walk away from the Door.
- 5. Give Details form to Dr Payne

6. No Frills!

- I made a game, I didn't make fancy menus and any byte maggots! it's 100% GAME!

7. Copyright

-I own 100% of the rights to the artwork and plotting, basically, I own the game :P
-Like any other engine user, I do not own the engine and it has a separate copyright agreement.

8. Credits,Thanks and Inspiration.

- Special Thanks to #gameblender and irc.freenode chanels.
- Generic types and inspiration : Leisure Suit Larry(Sierra), Maniac Mansion(Lucas Arts)
- Jaundice (Shit Talker)
- This game is a product of Nicholas Nels hard labour!