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Nicholas Nel's K2D (Knowledge, Integration, Development)


I have released three other large scle games since 2007 and a dozen demos before that, Im at a point where I feel restricted by my own hand made artwork and have felt the need for quite some time to use parts of reality in my games, Also a game that felt like it was created with a nice sized budget.


- No Persons Under the age of 16, contains animated violence, strong language and nudity. Other than this, if you are sensitive to this and are over the age of 16, you should turn back now!

1. Game Features.

2.0- first release
- Keyboard and Mouse controls
- Full GLSL Graphics.
- Working Generatable Characters, 10 000 metre square editable World and 253 dynamic objects.
- RGB Color Mixer
- Objects Generated from real sources as documented in "Take List.txt" included with the game.
- 1 hour playing time Guaranteed with Complete Walkthrough.
- 3 Save game Slots.
- +- 160 MB Game Size.
- Fully Expandable "RPG" Core (available to public as GOD mode).
- drive, fly, walk, attack, talk, search...Anything!
- Pick up any gameobject and interact with it.
- Container and NPC inventory.
- Buy anything with enough money.
- Follow the plot or free play.
- Saturation script with more detail.
- AI (pathfinding) for NPCs and Vehicles.
- GPS memory feature.
- Analog game clock.
- Manual file with full controls
- Volume lighting.
- NPCs have possesions.(don't steal)
- Grenades and Nerve Gas Bombs. (be sure to wear a gas mask)
- Sound effects, ambient background sounds or music.
- Height map terrain.

2.1- Massive Speed Ups!
-massive speed up

2.2- Bugs and general
-LOD bug fixed
-Tree slow down fixed(slow near Tree)
-general speed ups

2.3- Game audit
-New Music(Legal ;)
-Blue siren for Police
-Slow camera
-New sound for AK-47
-3D Sound
-NPCs with guns fire from a sane distance
-Stalk mode added, more pedestrians, occasional hunters for more relaxed play
-Run feature added

2.4- POLISH!
-Scirting boards, improved proportions, new carpets and better wall textures for houses.
-Tiles load from memory.
-NPCs are easyer to "drive over".

2. Minimum Requirements.

- Dual Core 1.6 ghz (pref Intel), 1 GB DDR2 system ram, 1 GB GFX with Shader support (pref Nvidia 520+).
- Windows.
- 160 MB Drive space Excluding Installer File.

3. Made In 6 Months as a mod for the original KiD.

- This Product was made and refined 6 months as a mod for KiD core.

4. Copyright

-I own 100% of the rights to the core.
-Music By: Robert Schmitt
-Like any other engine user, I do not own the engine and it has a separate Licence agreement.
-I have used trademarks and content from reality (100 total, see "Take list.txt").

6. Credits,Thanks and Inspiration.

- Generic types : Elder Scrolls, Ultima, GTA.
- This game is a product of Nicholas Nels hard labour!