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Nicholas Nel's KiD (killer Instinct Development)


- No Persons Under the age of 13, contains violence. Other than this, if you are sensitive to this and are over the age of 13, you should also turn back now!

1. Game Features.

1.1- first release
- Keyboard and Mouse controls
- Full GLSL Graphics.
- Working Generic Characters, 40 000 metre square Set and many objects.
- 2 hours playing time Guaranteed with Complete Walkthrough.
- 3 Save game Slots.
- +- 128 MB Game Size.
- Fully Expandable "RPG" Core (available to public as GOD mode).
- drive, fly, walk, attack, talk...Anything!
- Pick up any gameobject and interact with it.
- Container and NPC inventory.
- Buy anything with enough money.
- Follow the plot or free play.

1.2- Complete remake
- Performance increase.
- Improved user friendlyness and game play.
- Pedestrians.
- No bloom, New Saturation script with more detail.
- Improved AI (pathfinding).
- GPS memory feature with added buttons.([ and ])
- Analog game clock.
- Manual file with full controls

1.3- Retail release
- Optimizations
- Many bugfixes (to many to list)
- New character faces
- Ambient lighting
- NPCs have possesions(don't steal)
- Grenades and Nerve Gas Bombs (be sure to wear a gas mask)(extra buttons T and G to operate)
- old GW Firearms shop now sells Bombs(just look it up in the GPS memory called "Arms & Bombs")
- Sound effects and ambient background sounds

1.4- Minor bug fixes

1.5- Many bugfixes and driving improvements
- Money Bug FIXED!
- Height map added.
- Cars hardly bounce when speeding.
- Cars faster.
- Roads wider and less cluttered for better driving.
- Better coloring.

1.6- Performance update
-Teeth and smile added to characters

2. Minimum Requirements.

- Dual Core 1.6 ghz, 512 MB GFX with Shader support.
- pref. Dual Core 1.6 1024 MB GFX with Shader Support
- Windows.
- 128 MB Drive space Excluding Installer File.

3. Made In 1 year and 7 Months.

- This Product was made and refined over 1 year and 7 months.

4. Copyright

-I own 100% of the rights to the artwork and plotting, basically, I own the game :P
-Like any other engine user, I do not own the engine and it has a separate copyright agreement.

5. Credits,Thanks and Inspiration.

- Generic types and inspiration : Morrowind, Ultima, GTA.
- This game is a product of Nicholas Nels hard labour!